Innovation in Theory and Practice

Dr. David Sherbino

Dr. David Sherbino

For more than 30 years, Dr. David Sherbino (Professor of Spirituality and Pastoral Ministry) has served with Tyndale in various faculty roles. Of an innovative mindset, his goal has always been to ensure that the Tyndale programs meet the current ministry needs of students today. “The students come first at Tyndale. Even in choosing our schedules as faculty – like teaching at night because that’s when students can come. It’s incumbent upon us to be creative and helpful and have a pulse on where things are moving towards while trusting God,” he shares.

Originally trained as a psychotherapist, Dr. Sherbino became a minister in the Presbyterian Church, where he continues to serve to this day. Dr. Ian Rennie, Dean of the seminary at the time, recruited him in 1987 as Chair of the Pastoral Ministries Department. Dr. Sherbino was the lead pastor in his church while teaching at Tyndale. He found this balance to be enormously beneficial because it was a perfect blend of theory and practice. “At Tyndale, faculty have a lot of practical experience, so they have one foot in academia and one foot in the church or real world,” he says. Dr. Sherbino has also authored six best-selling books.

Among the many international partnerships and programs he has established and designed at Tyndale is the prominent Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Formation. Later, along with the Tyndale Association of Spiritual Directors, he moved to initiate the certification of this profession.

Dr. Sherbino recently reduced his pastoral hours to dedicate more time to developing programs. The new Pastoral Thanatology program is his most recent contribution to the seminary. “Many people who graduate as pastors or as counsellors are not trained in grief therapy. Yet, every day people are dealing with the reality of grief,” he shares. In September, Tyndale will offer Pastoral Thanatology as a concentration within the MDiv, MTS or Graduate Diploma programs. An internship is available for those seeking a CTPS (Certified Thanatologist Pastoral Specialist) designation granted by the Canadian Council for Professional Certification (CCPC) Global Inc.

Dr. Sherbino credits Tyndale for being on the cutting edge. “Tyndale is very nimble. We have to understand the culture of the day. Also, being transdenominational, we’re not locked into a particular mindset, but we’re trying to see the whole breadth of the Christian community,” he notes.