quas·qui·centennial [kwos-kwi-sen-ten-ee-uh l]

Definition of quasquicentennial


  1. a 125th anniversary
  2. celebration to mark such an anniversary


Total attendance

163 students
  • Male: 52
  • Female: 111

Fun Facts

The library began with approximately 80 books, donated by Mr. J. D. Nasmith.

The first session required a total cost of $3000 to operate (including free tuition).


Total attendance

264 students
  • Male: 63
  • Female: 201

Fun Facts

The War caused a major decrease in male students.

The work of the College was interrupted to some extent during the epidemic of the Spanish Influenza. The Evening Classes were closed for three weeks. The Day Classes were not discontinued, but all the students who were in a position to give assistance in any way to the sick and afflicted were released from attendance. A large number of the young women went out to serve as nurses, and several of the young men also were able to render valuable help. We are thankful to record the fact that among all these students thus brought into close touch with the epidemic, not one case of illness occurred.

Year 1944

Total attendance

212 students
  • Male: 39
  • Female: 173

Fun Facts

This group of between 40-50 young women visited Camp Borden one Sunday each month, in co-operation with the War Services Committee of the Baptist Convention. The work of these students there, in the hospital wards and the officers’ mess rooms in the afternoons, and in the public meeting in the large YMCA hall in the evenings, has won high praise from all who witnessed it and saw its results. A genuine spiritual impact was made upon the soldiers 1944 a considerable number of men were won for Christ.

Year 1969

Total attendance

320 students
  • Male: 153
  • Female: 167

Fun Facts

The College was given a memorial gift after the death of J. William Horsey – the College was able to secure an auto-typist. The machine saved countless staff hours in typing the letters that are the vital link between donors and the College.

The first yearbook was published – entitled “Maxaipa ‘69”.

Cost of tuition $1200 for a full year at school all inclusive (raised from the $200 rate from 1936).

Year 1994

Total attendance

1083 students
  • Male: 477
  • Female: 606

Fun Facts

A new computer lab with four terminals and a laser printer made a student’s life easier. The terminals had WordPerfect 6 and manuals were available for those unfamiliar with the program.

Year 2019

Total attendance

1487 students
  • Male: 654
  • Female: 833

Fun Facts

The first graduate from the Tyndale Seminary - NAIITS Indigenous Studies program.

Tyndale Seminary is now the largest graduate school of theology in Canada.