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Dr. Elmore Harris

TBTS / 1894-1911

Toronto Bible Training School was birthed in May 1894 by a small group of businessmen and clergy. They met at the home of Dr. Elmore Harris, minister at the Walmer Road Baptist Church in Toronto, with a shared vision to train laity in the knowledge of Scriptures. The first classes were held at Walmer Road Baptist Church. Dr. Harris was pivotal in offering his services, his home and his church particularly in the early stages of the school’s formation.

Dr. John McNicol

TBTS, TBC / 1906-1946 (Principal)

“It is not merely that [the Bible] is taught, or even that it occupies the central place in the curriculum. The essential feature in the way the Bible is taught here is that it is ‘thought through.’ It is not taken merely by selected books, or in special portions chosen here and there. It is studied as one whole and is taken as the progressive unfolding of the Divine will. The students are led through the Scriptures from beginning to end, so that they may see how God revealed Himself down through the ages in His gradually developing plan of redemption for the world.”

Dr. J. Wilmot Mahood

LBI / 1935-1944

“But even in the dark hour of sorrow the soul of him whose will is conformed to the will of God will be at peace. He will be able to say ‘Thy will be done.’ Make Jesus king over the will. Then shall the will be free and strong and restful; then shall bitterness be turned into blessed resignation; then shall the life be girdled with strength and beauty; and we shall ‘run and not be weary, and walk and not faint.’”

Dr. James N. Bedford

LBI / 1945-1954

“The greatest need of the Church today is an honest, heaven-sent revival! It is not a mere revival of form without fact, nor of word without heart, but one in which the Spirit of God has awakened the love of the Lord Jesus in human souls, kindling a passion to win the lost, and a willingness to step out of sight that the Spirit of God may do His work. What, then, is your place in this scheme of things? Will you live for ‘men, movements, machinery, and the inevitable moments,’ or will you live for the Lord Jesus alone?”

Dr. Alan Gannett

LBI / 1954-1957

“As Ambassadors of the Cross, never forget that you go forth to teach and preach Jesus Christ. May you always be able to say to those among whom you have ministered: ‘I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ and Him crucified.’ Live Christ! Preach Christ! Serve Christ! Such a ministry God will honor and bless.”

Dr. Percy H. Harris

LBI / 1958-1959

“We will never think of Dr. Harris without remembering his happy, radiant face. We also remember how precious God’s word was to his heart and how faithfully he gave it to us.” – LBI Alumni

Dr. Joseph C. Macaulay

LCBM / 1960-1966

“None of us can improve the past, but, in the good providence of God, we have today, and we may have some tomorrows. These we can redeem, giving our best to any task committed to us by our blessed Lord, whether it be further preparation, or immediate appointment to a field of service.”

Dr. Stewart Boehmer

TBC, OBC / 1963-1973

“In all facets of our work – the classroom, chapel, assignments, student council, committees, Christian Service Outreach, to name just a few and last, but certainly not least, our personal walk – in all of this, He must have the pre-eminence. And if He has, our lives will show forth His praises and our school will be a foretaste of heaven. May the blessed Holy Spirit be sovereign in every phase of this great work!”

Dr. Victor Adrian

OBC, OTS / 1973-1983

“The Lord taught us that love at its deepest levels meant being existentially concerned about the personal holiness and growth of fellow believers. He commanded us to wash each other’s feet, that is, to minister to each other’s needs… It is my hope that during your time at OBC you have had the exhilarating experience of having your feet washed through loving and concerned Christian fellowship… Jesus would suggest that it is… important that you leave a legacy of love – love (of) your Lord and love (of) your fellow students.”

Dr. William McRae

OBC, OTS / 1983-1991

“Our churches, homes and communities are crowded with insecure, arrogant, jealous, destructive critics. Genuine encouragers are a vanishing breed, a rare species. How will you be remembered by your friends? Do you really want to make a difference in people’s lives? Be an encourager. You will bless the heart of God, others will rise up and call you blessed because you have been a fork in the road of their life. This is our deepest desire and most earnest prayer for you. May your life be crowned with the rich and precious fruit of a life lived under God for others.”

Dr. Bruce Gordon

OBC, OTS / 1991-1995

“My prayer for you is that the word ‘celebrate’ will always be part of your vocabulary, that with God’s help and presence even in turbulent times, you will be able to rise above the difficulties and rejoice in your King.”

Dr. Brian Stiller

OBC, OTS, Tyndale / 1996-2009

“Leaders, we’re to give, as is anyone out of their gifting… it falls in part to us to provide a flow of life, energy and hope as conduits of [God’s] grace. This necessitates learning how to give. It’s a discipline. It’s learned. In doing it – especially in times when it threatens our well-being – it becomes natural, and in time becomes the first impulse, the dominant instinct.”

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